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July 31, 2012

Antique denim

I finally started the german classes!!! I already know how to ask for your name, where you work, numbers (1-10) and alphabet. Pretty exciting! I also learned how to ask for directions, but I do not think I could understand the reply. After all the hard work, I went shopping! Found so many beautiful things at H&M, will post a haul tomorrow. The pictures were taken at a beautiful antique store in Wels. It has a huge garden full of statues! I want one of a lion for the balcony of the apartment. :)

July 29, 2012

Waterfalls in Linz

The last days I have been looking for furniture, those who follow me on instagram, facebook or twitter already saw my lovely desk! Next week, we will get the closet and a shoe rack, so exciting to finally be able to see all my clothes and accessories in just one place, that is not the luggage!!! My boyfriend took these pictures in Linz. We were driving on our way to a dinner party, and I yelled, stop...I love that spot! It is such an adorable fountain, it somehow reminded me of Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, of course, I forgot to put an sd card on the camera!!! Which means that the only option was the iphone. Can you believe these pics were taken with an iphone camera? I still can't! 

July 27, 2012

It's a katze!

The last days I have been so busy preparing the wedding favors and packing boxes for the new apartment! Im so worried of taking unnecessary things, so it is extremely important to double check that I packed everything I need for the first two or three days!. I have also been looking for a desk, it was really complicated, as I love antique stuff or new stuff that looks old and at most furniture stores they only have modern looking stuff. Gladly, I found one that I think may look beautiful in the closet/office room :) Can't wait to check if my computer fits on it! Best part? The desk is called Audrey ^^. 

July 25, 2012

Poudre d' Amour

One of the great finds at T.K.Maxx! :) It smells really good! And the box is so cute, will definitely keep it as a jewlery box!  Don't you love when beauty products have an adorable packaging that you can then reuse? 
Agent Provocateur Poudre d' Amour 
(Perfumed body powder)


July 24, 2012

New in: Neon flowers

I still did not have time to go to H&M and check everything they have, but on a short visit to Europark in Salzburg, I got this flowery blouse, a neon necklace I have been craving for a really long time and a longer one that has a beautiful ombre effect. Love them! 

Thanks for reading ^^

July 23, 2012

Take a bow

Since I arrived to Austria, my hair has been a mess! Today I tried a new shampoo and it is getting better, but it is still really frizzy. I need tons of products that I got during the other trips but cannot find where I left them. These rooms are a mess...full of boxes with clothes and stuff. Can't wait to move to the apartment and organize everything. I even wanted to wear some bracelets, but forget it, they were impossible to find. The only reason why I'm wearing the necklace is because I got it last friday. Im glad my boyfriend found these pants, otherwise I would have worn the ones from the last post! lol.

July 22, 2012

Marni in Germany

On my first day in Austria.... I went to Germany! lol. Really wanted to check the european tjmaxx, so we went driving all the way to Rosenheim. Well, my boyfriend was driving and I was checking emails and sleeping. T.K.Maxx was great! It looked pretty much like the one in the US, but a little bit pricier and with dirndls on sale. It was amazing and we got really beautiful things for the apartment. I have such a mess with all the luggages and we left so early, that I had to make an outfit with what was inside my carry on!

July 21, 2012


Sorry I could not post the last days, I was preparing for my trip to Autria. I finally had enough miles at Lufthansa to get an upgrade from economy to business class, and it was amazing! In business they let you take two carry-ons and check two luggages of 32 kg, so I had to keep on adding shoes in the luggage. Now I have a mess of stuff to organize!! But the flight was great and the food amazing! What is better than having a rosti for breakfast?! And the leg room, oh my!...could stretch, dance, whatever I pleased! I wore my complot leggings, H&M shirt, forever XXI blazer, Jackie Smith handbag and Melissa shoes. I also had  Juicy Couture terry hoodie on, but was so hot in Argentina that could not wear it. I'm pretty sure you will see it in a future post. 

July 17, 2012

5 things I love...

but don't love me back!!!

I hate when that happens. I put all my love on something beautiful and then the desired item is either not available in my size or just out of stock... or even worse, it looks terrible on me!. The last one is the one that sucks the most, because you convince yourself to get it, pick the 5 items allowed in the fitting room, do the line for the fitting room, try it on, thinking about getting it without even trying it on, I mean, why wouldn't you look awesome on it?...and then slap! How on earth did that happen?! Why don't I look as amazingly cool as I thought I would be? Why doesn't it love me as much as I loved it? So it goes to the sighs section, maybe pin it in one of the boards, tumblr a pic of someone wearing it and end of the story! They just did not love you back. Here are my top 5 lost loves. 

July 14, 2012

Bear necessities

I love this jacket... not only it is really warm, but all that faux fur is awesome! I wanted one with really chunky fur, and my friend got me this one and it's amazing, just what I was looking for! :) It was a really cold morning, so I couldn't pretend it was spring. Try not to concentrate on the fact that I do not have any make up on and that my face (and hair) yells... "I wanna go back to bed!", those are just little details. While preparing the post I couldn't stop singing Bare necessities from the jungle book. Disney movies are just great!!!

July 12, 2012

Butterflies in my tummy

Even though it is winter here, it is not as cold as Austria. So I'm trying to get used to the this-weather-will-be-my-spring thing, gladly, I didn't get a cold! Also, as you may notice, I got an photography app! It's called Fun photos free, and guess what? It was for free!. I like it, has cool options and it is really easy to use. Im curious about the upgrade to funtastic photos, but wouldn't actually buy it. One of the effects is classy greyscale, which is the one on these pics. I think it looks great, but the line in the middle gets annoying... What do you think? Should that app stay in the computer or go directly to trash (without passing through go nor collecting the 200)? 

July 10, 2012

Decorating the bathroom

As soon as my boyfriend told me that he found a great apartment for us, I was like: what shade is the bathroom??? I had to go and get some Cynthia Rowley stuff!!! Im obsessed with her decoration stuff  and I was really lucky, as these where the last ones left at tjmaxx. (I actually got them in different stores!). As I couldn't find more towels, I'm thinking about getting some plain ones at Ikea and combine them with these ones, it should look good, and more relaxed. The soap dispenser, well, I got that one in NC before even knowing the shades, but it is white with a mirror, it should match any bathroom. I'm so excited about decorating the house... is like playing real life sims (that was my fave part) but without the klapaucius cheat.  I still need to find a shower curtain... 

July 9, 2012

Palm tree tea

Last saturday I met some fashion bloggers at Pierina tea house. Gladly, it was not really cold so I finally had the chance to wear my lovely Versace for H&M sweater. I know it is from the men's colection but I love it. And it has a great story behind, cause I got it on sale for my boyfriend (& me), but he thought it was too colorful. So, I kept it and gave it to my dad as a gift. Then my mom loved it, so I told her it was for her (even though, it belonged to my dad). And now you can find it inside my closet. One sweater. Four gifts. Score!. I think they all liked it, but was too colorful for them. 

July 6, 2012

My top 5 make-up essentials

I love make-up, the cases, the shades, everything! But let's face it, I'm not good at it. Took classes, talked with professionals, watched a zillion tutorials...but nothing happens. I cannot accomplish a good smokey eye nor anything. And if someone applies make up on me, it doesn't get any easier on them. The eye liner makes me cry a lot, it is terrible!. And the mascara makes me cry when I have to remove it (takes so long!). I tried a lot of make up, bought a lot of really cute stuff that do not have a clue how to apply, even got the brush set to practice and get better, but no matter what I buy, I always come back to these five. So, if you do not know how to put make up on, I assure you this one are for beginners. 

Here are all my favorite things from my make up bag. I have some more stuff, that I like, but don't use much or is nothing special. 

July 5, 2012

Before novelstyle

Hi!! I have been really busy, not only with the book clutch, but had been packing and preparing stuff for Austria. I was preparing a make up post, but will have to be for tomorrow. This is just a short message to tell you that I finally finished the before novelstyle section, where you can find some pictures I took during the past years and pictures of me in different cities I visited. I really hope you like this section, had been working a lot on it! It was very difficult to decide which pictures were my fave ones!. This is just the first part, will keep on adding more during the next days...  

Thanks for reading and for all the beautiful comments!!! 


Este es un pequeño post para contarles que ya esta lista la sección before novelstyle, en la cual podrán encontrar fotos de antes que existiera novelstyle. Espero que les guste! Muchas gracias por leer mi blog!! Besotes! 

July 2, 2012

DIY: Book clutch

I'm obsessed with book clutches... well, I should be, right? novelstyle? not really original!. I thought about getting the Kate Spade's book clutch as a wedding day handbag... but it is kind of pricey and it was out of stock. (note: Kate Spade, I adore your stuff, but for real...everything I wanted was out of stock in both dc and ny stores, not cute!). Going back to the clutch... I decided I could make it!. I googled it...and realized I was not alone in this DIY project. I found a lot of terrible explanations and one that was really good, done by There you can find how to do it... I will just show you the steps I changed. 
Olympia Le-Tan book clutch


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