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June 29, 2012

Sonia Kashuk brush set

I have been looking for a set of make up brushes for a really long time... but they are usually too expensive, boring or professional. I wanted something cute, colorful that was good and cheap enough, so when I found this beautiful set, well, I knew I had to get them!. I read a lot of excellent reviews about this product, but excellent is not enough to describe them....they are amazing! Love them!! And they even came with a clutch, that you will totally see in future outfit posts! I got it at target and they also had cheaper packages with less brushes and different clutches. 

June 27, 2012

wedding locks

I've been getting tons of questions about my wedding dress. I have it, I found the one I was looking for during my trip to the US, and I'm crazy about it. I would love to post a picture of it...but I can't! I don't want my boyfriend to see it!! So...instead I will post other wedding related stuff... that I have not figured out yet! For example, the hair style. My friend Jesi asked me about it the other day....and I was like... wow, I haven't even thought about that!. Gladly, she had tons of pictures on her phone...ready to be my wedding advisor!! Here are some pictures of different styles I'm in between. They all have braids, something that is very fashionable and comfortable. 

June 25, 2012

Going incognito

A few days ago I went out for pizza with my friend Jesi... and as a great blogger I am... I took the smallest camera I own without any battery on it, so we ended up using my friend's cellphone...oops!.  Seems I still have to get used to all this carrying a camera with me and blogging stuff! I really wish I had more time to post more outfits, but I have been really busy with wedding paperwork and homework. Gladly, I know that once I'm in Austria, I will have my own personal photographer (my boyfriend) and will be able to post outfits almost everyday! So exciting!!! 

June 23, 2012

Wedding stuff

Wedding stuff
This is a small board of wedding stuff I love. I got those I do stickers in blue, that is my something blue! and tried to get the kate spade mrs necklace, but it was out of stock!!! 

Thanks for reading!!! 

Comparto un board con algunas cosas de boda. Pude conseguir los stickers que dicen I do en color azul! Pero no conseguí el collar mrs de Kate Spade. Estaba agotado en todos los negocios a los que fui...Tenian los aritos... pero es como ser doble mrs, no los entiendo. Gracias por seguirme!!! Beso!

June 19, 2012

New in: Bananarama

Macy's went crazy for Brasil. Everything is colorful, carnival like and they even sell brazilets! So, it was a surprise that this blouse was not in the Brasil section, considering it yells fun, carnival, colors, flowers... Brasil! I got this blouse from the Material Girl collection.. and can't wait to wear it!! Summer is still far away from Argentina...but its getting closer to Austria... these weather changes can be really exciting :). 

Thanks for reading!!!

June 17, 2012

tjmaxx haul

I love tjmaxx! I always find the best things there... I even saw Badgley Mischka handbag for 100dls (around 600dls off!), but it was really heavy... not what I was looking for. If I had to make a tjmaxx haul, it would be pretty long... I got most of my stuff there... specially shoes, I go crazy over there!. So I decided to pick a few things I found, that wasn't expecting to find nor buy. You will see more things in future outfit and decoration posts. OH! I found out there is a tjmaxx in Europe, and according to my boyfriend, it is close to Salzburg.... so exciteeeeddddd!!! :D Will make a blog post as soon as I visit it. :) 

June 15, 2012

Concrete jungle

I wore this outfit in NC. Even though it was really hot, it is smart to carry a jacket for the inside, cause with the ac it can get pretty cold! 

June 13, 2012

Trip to the US

Hi!!!! Sorry I did not post for so long!!! I was in the US, visited North Carolina, DC and New York. I have been to all those places before, so I just focused on my fave places and stores. I think NC and TN are the best places to shop.... you can find really good deals and labels! Their T.J.Maxx stores have amazing stuff (actually, all of them have great things). I also went to all the Juicy Couture stores.... love them!!! and visited some of my fave spots... like Dean & Deluca, Tribeca Grill, Pastis, The Frick Museum, Dylan's Candy bar, Johnny Rockets, Strand bookstore and many many many moreee :D. I actually make a list every time I travel, cause Im really worried I will forget to visit some of these spots. And every trip I add new stuff... for example, on this trip to NY I had an amazing pistachio baklava at a small restaurant close to Times square. I will definitely add that on my list!. 
Here are some pics of this trip.... 

June 10, 2012

Moviestyle: The Help (2011)

This is one of my favorite books... so I was really excited when it became a movie. I do not usually like movies inspired on books I read, but this one was really good. Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain were outstanding!... but the outfits did not stay behind. Those dresses where like ...oh my my my! I wish I could have the flower dress worn by Hilly... Love it!.

June 2, 2012

Moviestyle: Country Strong (2010)

I love this movie, the soundtrack and seeing Leighton Meester in a different outfit than the regular cute coats and headbands combination. Of course I'm obsessed with Blair Waldorf's closet...who isn't? but this movie has the right amount of country (and cowboy boots)! Another plus: Tim McGraw! Love him!!!

June 1, 2012

Nude polish

Finally found the Dior 211 nail polish! I have been looking around for it, asking in every Rouge store... and nothing! But gladly I got the last one at Patio Bullrich's Rouge store. So excited!!! I think it is the perfect shade of nude. 


Finalmente pude conseguir el esmalte de uñas Dior 211.  Lo vi por primera vez en el Rouge del Patio Bullrich y me enamore... pero estaba agotado! pregunte en miles de lugares... agotado,agotado, agotado! Finalmente encontre el ultimo en stock en el local de Rouge! Super feliz, es un hermoso color para bodas!. 


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