September 14, 2012

New in: H&M sport

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been going to the gym. I already showed you the new sneakers and bag... but then I realized I also needed clothes! All I had were old t-shirts or University stuff. And that's how I ended up in a section I have never even noticed before. The Sport section at H&M. It was really surprising to realize I wanted everything!!!. I picked two tops and a bra. The pink top is great, the extra fabric makes me look skinnier, which is a great way to feel after an intensive work out session. The black one is really tight, and does not really look that well on me... but it is so adorable that I had to buy it. I love the tiny ruffles and all its details, really cute!. It is definitely my incentive piece. 


detail from the back

Ruffles and see through details.
Detail from the back.

H&M Sport tshirts 

Thanks for reaading!!!


Como mencione algunos posts atrás, cuando les mostré mis nuevas zapatillas y bolso de Nike, me anote en un gimnasio! Y luego me pregunte...que me pongo?! Todas mis remeras estaban viejas o eran de la universidad, por lo que decidí chequear esa sección que nunca piso. La sección deportiva en H&M! Y para mi sorpresa encontré una gran cantidad de cosas divinas!!! Espero que les gusten! Gracias por leer! Besote! 


  1. Black and pink! So cute! I'd love to exercise if I'm wearing one of these.

    Wish & Wear

  2. Qué bonitos los tops, en especial el rosa fiusca!! La verdad que yo hago ejercicio con una camiseta vieja y shorts jajaaja ya me animaste a darme una vuelta por la sección de deporte!

    Besos! :)


  3. La remera negra es espectacular.

  4. you right the pink one is more cute ;)

    anyway, let me tell you if you want to follow each other, please kindly visit my blog at


  5. Iré a comprar algunas, que yo también he empezado el gim.


  6. good buy dear!!

  7. Me encanta la camiseta fucsia, yo tambien necesito empezar a hacer ejercicio quiero volver a patinar como nuevo proposito para otoño.
    besote guapa.
    Estoy sorteando una pulsera preciosa de 21 diamonds,apuntate!!
    Te deseo un fin de semana genial y animo con el gym!!

  8. love he pink one

  9. These are super cool.


  10. I had NO idea H&M had work out wear. I definitely need to pick up a few pieces!

    The Glossy Life

  11. hola gracias por tu comentario en mi blog,
    hiciste buenas compras me gusta la camisola rosada aunque la verdad no soy muy aficionada a hacer ejercicios : )

    te gustaría que nos siguiéramos mutuamente?
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  12. I love the pink top!! But I have the same problem, got a black tank like that from Adidas and it is sooo wayyy too tight even though I got it in my size. No way I can wear it haha it gives you the muffin top and the extra 3 on your stomach lol!

  13. these are nice! i should get myself some, since im going to start attending gym the next month!
    I have a new outfit post on my blog so come check it out and let me know what you think!
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  14. Thanks! The most of my clothes i bouhgt in H&M :)

  15. Cool pieces! I bought sport stuff from h&m too:) I love the pink top!
    have a great weekend,
    xx chris

  16. great items!
    your blog is great!
    Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :)) Greetings from germany

  17. I need some new gym clothes too!! Just got new sneakers today :)


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