August 26, 2012

Ya llego la primavera...

Here in Austria, all the stores already have the winter stuff, and I love it! I already got some lovely dresses and checked some beautiful boots. But, somehow, I feel like september is spring, has been like that all my life, and it is difficult to change it! Everything I want has flowers or summery prints!. I even got an autumn flowery dress! 

I had been really busy studying for the German exam! As I won't have the results until next week,  I can now relax for a few days and dedicate myself to the blog. Will try to reply all the comments today :).

1. Flowers from IKEA
2 & 5. H&M for Water dress. Loved this collection! So glad I found this dress on sale on their website!
3. Orsay dress.... from their new Autumn collection (?) Love the shoulder detail ^^
4. This Zara dress is an oldie, but a keeper. Actually, it is from this year but I bought it in Marz! And wore it so many times that it feels like an oldie already. The print is so lovely, it always makes me smile!.

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El mes de la primavera se aproxima, pero en Austria me estan llenando las vidrieras y los locales con ropa de Otoño e Invierno! Imposible... septiembre es estampas de flores y dulces pajaritos. Si bien ya he comprado un par de vestidos de invierno y le he echado una mirada a las botas, no puedo dejar de pensar en vestidos de primavera!. En la segunda foto pueden ver el hermoso vestido de H&M, que consegui en liquidacion (feliz!) y en la tercer foto, un vestido de la coleccion de otoño (Parece se que no soy la unica en busca de flores)!! Si tienen cuenta de Instagram, no se olviden de mencionarlo en un comentario! Me encantaria poder chequear las fotos! Besote enorme! 


  1. Qué cosas tan bonitas!!Besitos

  2. Hay que mantener ese espiritu floral y colorido EN TODAS LAS ESTACIONES DEL AÑO, asi que aunque estes lejos y vayas a recibir el otoño y nosotros la primavera hay que seguir buscando esos pequeños detalles que nos hacen felices en la ropa !!



  3. aww! I have the same pots from Ikea, but I keep makeup and beauty stuff in them haha :) Beautiful, I miss u

  4. Love all the stuff! I am so jealous of that palm print H&M dress. Palm prints are everywhere right now. Wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?

  5. really nice stuff you got!:) oh i'm sure you did well on your exam! let me know hihi:) so from mow on you have to read my blog in german!:) hope you had an amazing weekend xx

  6. Pretty things :)

    You have a great blog! Would you like us to follow each other? Just let me know on my blog :)

  7. Like it lots!! So nice for you, here autumn is coming!

    xoxo lorena

  8. I love the dress number 3 :)

  9. cute stuff dear! I love the dress with the birds!! kisses!

  10. Hello, I love the flowers, the first dress/h&m and the third dress/zara. I want the first dress too!
    wish you a great week:)
    xx chris

  11. Gracias por tu firma, me gsuta el blog! besitos!!

  12. love this clothes!
    xoxo ;*

  13. beautiful

  14. i am following u, hope u follow back

  15. so cute,

  16. Los vestidos con flores alegran la vida!
    ¿cómo va la vida de casada?


    New Post en SoyAdriE : ¿Cuál es tu sueño?/ What is your dream?


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